Talk shamelessly about your flaws, mistakes and fuckups

Leepse is a discussion platform to talk about your flaws and fuckups with people like you. Because a better life comes through sharing your struggles, doubts, and celebrating your successes. Selfish, insecure, or impatient? It’s time to embrace your flaws!
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Great idea, i'm very interested !
@arthur_veyrat_d_urbet Hope you'll enjoy it! Would be more than happy to have your feedback :)
Hi PH, Thanks @chrismessina for the hunt! I am Gabriel, cofounder of Leepse, a mobile app that provides you with a digital safe space to be yourself where you only talk to people who have similar characteristics, flaws, and who made the same mistakes. You can’t celebrate your flaws and mistakes in most places. But you can at Leepse. We are all flawed, and that’s what makes us unique. How it works: We built it so that every discussion is tailored to your needs. When you download the app, you tell us about yourself and based on who you are, you can restrict the access of your posts to selected users. This way, you interact only with people who know what it is like to be in your shoes. Want to talk to people only like you? Women aged between 28 and 32 years old who are “Nostalgic”? You can. No men can reply to your post, nor women aged 26 years old. You get the point. Share your issues and get advice from people who get you. Talk to only who you want at Leepse. We are working on adding some social features but we’d be delighted to read your early feedback. Cheers to the PH community! (Available on iOS, Android in the pipeline)