Leela Kids

World's first kids only podcast/radio app

Leela Kids is World's First Kids Podcast App that based on kids age and topic of interest finds best matching episodes.

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I like this concept but do many kids listen to podcasts? Curious how big this audience is, @sandejain1, and how it compares to podcast growth in general.
@rrhoover frankly we started with "why don't kids listen to podcasts" as much. its really really hard to find content that is age-appropriate, on a particular topic (that your kid loves) and with clean lyrics. With Leela Kids, we are eliminating that struggle.
@rrhoover in terms of numbers, don't think anyone has studied kids market. only data: 4M+ monthly (edison research 2017). AND, most important, we see seasoned content publishers like NPR jumping into it.
@rrhoover We suspect kids >7 will be more mobile app friendly. Younger kids (<7) will be more into smart speakers. & for parents with unhappy kids in car, we believe Leela Kids will help...
@sandejain1 @rrhoover there are some good story podcasts which help on long rides or bedtime.
@andrewwarner any names for good story podcasts?
This looks promising. I'll bring it to my fellow teachers' attention. Listen skills are always good to continually develop. Cheers!
@chclteteacher Appreciate the feedback Mike. We are getting interest from local schools on this especially around "flipped classroom"... teachers could earmark specific episodes for kids to listen or even create their own content and kids have that playlist available for listening offline [especially around topics like History]
@sandejain1 Using it as part of listening centers is how I going to pitch it to my primary teachers.
@pavlo_kuznetsov appreciate the feedback Pavlo,
I have a 3 year old, will give this a try. Sounds interesting,but I am wondering if audio only would be intriguing for her.
@riteshchopra I have a 4 year old and he loves listening stories especially like this... https://b76rr.app.goo.gl/VMilVCR... (they are calm, play soothing music...). But what will be REAL fun for them will be Alexa App - "Hey Alexa, play a story on cars from Leela Kids".
As a parent, I have felt the guilt of handing over my phone to my 4 year old son so that he can watch cartoon videos. There are a lot of good kids podcasts but finding the right episode to play is almost impossible e.g., my kid likes Dinosaurs and finding an episode ti play on Dinosaurs that's suitable for a 4/5 year old is hugely cumbersome. To our surprise we didn't find a single kids radio/podcast app on either IOS or Android. That's how we got the idea for Leela Kids -- world's first kid only podcast app -- an app that kids should be able to operate! Kids select their age-category and topic of interest (e.g., Science, Stories, Dinosaurs, Curious, Ocean, Space etc.) & Leela finds the best audio content matching that age and topic. Kids can just click and listen. Easy on Eyes & Great on Mind. Available as Free App on App Store Worldwide. App: http://apple.co/2twkrs5 Demo video: http://y2u.be/-3BWmnV7QzE