Quickly find and play podcast episodes

Historically podcast discovery has been focused on the series/show-level and you need to subscribe to the entire thing, but sometimes you just want to listen to an interview with a certain person or hear people chat about a particular timely topic.
@rrhoover Appreciate kind words Ryan! Leela is an attempt to discover content (podcast episodes) first & then subscribe rather than other way round.
Joining the party late! Thanks much Andrew for Hunting us! I created Leela as I felt there was no product (not even an attempt) to go beyond channel subscription in podcasts and there is so much awesome content to hear. With this release, we have attempted to create a "GOOGLE OF PODCASTS" -- we have even created a google news alert like feature for podcasts so that you can be notified (daily) about the newly published podcast content matching your interest.
Let me know if/when the android version drops
@paulprins Absolutely! Android App in the works (about 70% done)... will let you know when ready
Finally a search engine for Podcasts! Downloaded :)
@stinhambo Appreciate your kind words and token of support :)
Very cool, definitely a need from this. Seems fast. What determines the ranking in the search results? Is it pulling all podcasts? Did a search for Dennis Yu for instance, but it showed only 3 podcasts (older).
@mikekawula Thanks for your kind words Mike! #ranking: use an algorithm that calculates relevance score based on where the match happens (episode title match is considered better than episode description match), date of publishing, publish date, engaged listens, rating etc. #all podcasts: we have indexed over 2M podcast episodes for now and are indexing more and more. We want to be careful about quality of content for now. Eventually we will index entire podcast world like google does and only bubble up the good podcast episodes. #Dennis_Yu_search: I looked around and don't see any new ones though I see that we were missing some old ones which are now added. Thanks again for your kind interest! PS: just looked @socialquant... I may need that :)
@sandejain1 Thanks that makes tons of sense. Good luck and thanks for taking a look at @thesocialquant Let me know if I can help with anything. Cheers!