Moodboards a step beyond

Ledavio let's you create stunning mood boards with integrated image and font search and other sophisticated tools. You can share and review boards with colleagues or clients. Want to licence an image or a font? You can do this directly on Ledavio.
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Quick note: Your site is heavy on words, light on pictures and demands commitment on the home page. Check your analytics, I'm betting people jump off within 30 seconds. You need to rework the UX to include pictures and animations of your tool in action. Use less black, more colors or just a clean UI that focuses on your product. Figure out a way to let people try it out live before asking them to commit. Similar products do, and you need to compete. Just trying to help. Good luck! Looks like a useful tool.
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@gregw Thanks for your input! Helps a lot. The UX/UI is on the list — and yes there is much work to do there with a yet tight budget.
I developed the product since I needed a tool to create and exchange mood boards for my own projects.