Watch online courses in-sync while video calling peers.

LectureSync matches you with course peers to watch online lectures in-sync, chat in real time, and learn collaboratively.
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This is awesome! Wish I had this during uni! Do I get to meet strangers from my class or do I need to partner up with someone I already know?
@yo_dinh Hey Yo! We match you with course peers who share the same availability and learning speed as you, you may know these peers or you may not. You can see on our demo that we categorise sessions into 3 learning speeds as some students like to pause on each slide to take notes, while some students prefer to speed through at 1.5x speed! Additionally, we think it would improve the educational experience if lecturesync sessions are facilitated by tutors. We believe this as testing as shown that some students may be frightened at first to pause the video and ask questions. Saying that, it may not be possible to have a tutor during every session, so we built in automatic pauses throughout the lecture at key discussion times. If you skip to 1:25 into the demo video, the video will pause and a pop-up will appear encouraging discussion! Have a great day :)
Hey guys! For the past month I've been developing a new idea called LectureSync. I'm really excited to say that I've released the demo today (only works on computers, not mobile responsive)! The idea behind LectureSync stemmed from the lack of engagement in online university lectures. Over 80% of students who start watching an online lecture never finish it. After questioning some students we soon realised that online lecture engagement can be improved by allowing university students to watch online lectures in-sync with fellow peers. By watching the lectures together, students receive instant feedback and hold each other accountable. Please let me know what you guys think! Feel free to trial the demo and learn more at https://lecturesync.com/ Thanks!
Congratulations Ben on your new lunch. This is excellent for platforms like cousera and Edx. Great job, this idea is extremely impressive
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