Lecture Hunt

Product Hunt for learning material πŸ“š

Lecture Hunt is a crowdsourced resource for learning material. Users can find and share books, videos, articles, courses and much more.

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Hey, I am the founder of Lecture Hunt. Lecture Hunt was founded on this idea that education should be more accessible and we are doing it by making a crowdsourced resource for learning material. Let us know your thoughts, I’d love to hear them :)
Interesting use of leaderboard setup of Discourse. Are 'likes' out of the box or did this require code customizations?
@dshan discourse support like feature out of the box.
Interesting. Who are you targeting ?
@pavlos1944 i'm targeting everyone who wants to learn they can be students or self-learners
Very nice onboarding. I will try it out over the next several days.

Some friends and I are always emailing resource links to each other. This looks as though it *might* replace the scattershot emails and make the resources available more generally.


Pleasant, effective onboarding. Interesting concept. May serve a real need.


I haven't identified any cons yet. Just started using it.