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I love the search functionality. I'm kind of addicted to the searchbox. Would you say that's the main use case you guys are expecting?
@salimben60 Yes, we are noticing a lot of people using the app primarily for search, and we are thinking about making the searchbox more prominent. The main use case, though, is skimming the news feed to quickly get an idea of the news and clicking on a couple of articles. That's what it was primarily designed for.
Very cool! Could your algorithm curate news, articles, or research papers based on topics/keywords chosen by the user?
@charliepinto Yes, you can use the searchbox to search for news by topic. And you can follow topics to customize your feed.
How do you choose the news on the front page?
@hsn_kts We use an algorithm that -- at a high level -- uses popularity, reliability of source, and relevance to user. And it gets better with use.
@oelamri are the sources only from particular geography?
@get2vikasjha We're focused on US based sources for now, but we do plan of internationalizing soon.
@oelamri I'd be interested in joining a mailing list to know when you launch in the UK.
I can appreciate the fact that you have established an algorithm that determines the best news source but the topics aren't quite there yet. For example, if I want to search for the 'Industrial Aftermarket', nothing is found in the search menu. Moreover, in order for an application to really be groundbreaking, in my opinion, it needs to work off of data that a user has already inputted elsewhere. Namely, I would like the application to find my interests and topics that I have already inputted in Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
@grant_fuellenbach Hi Grant, if you log in with Facebook, it gets all your interests from Facebook. This runs in the background, and it gets better over time. It then uses these to customize the summaries to you.