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This should work pretty well with Teleport Eightball hunted by @tkrunning before. These are great tools for global nomads like me (born in Tokyo, studied in states, worked in Singapore now living in Amsterdam) https://www.producthunt.com/tech... Great hunt :) @bentossell
Hi, are all jobs taken from Indeed? How different is it from other existing job aggregators? Any specific focus on curation?
I've been looking for something like this for quite sometime now, this is awesome! :D
Would be a fan if I could search all countries at once
This is def. a very good idea. I am just wondering how is work permit for different countries handled ? is it left to the user ?
@_vineetshukla Getting job is one thing. Getting visa is another. There are many kinds of work visa and conditions are different by quality of applicants. Making visa application process easy is great blue ocean to explore :D
@kzynakamura Yes I agree. Getting visa process easy is a totally different product. My question was if I search for Digital Marketing and I see a job from India, what's the use if I can't work there or takes ages to get a work permit. So as a customer the search result excites me but is of no use if I don't know the work permit rules.