Easily transfer URLs between devices

#5 Product of the DayApril 06, 2014
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Hello, I built leash.co because I wanted a truly simple way to transfer URLs between device, no setup or sign up required. Feedback is always welcomed!
what about the inbuilt functionality of Chrome did you not like?
@a7mads thanks for this. I often get annoyed at how hard it is to simply share a link very quickly across devices so think this does add value. I use http://www.handoffapp.com/ for this at the moment but there is too much legwork involved ensuring the receiving device has it installed. Chrome works well with its shared link/visited history over time but its not incredible fast at syncing, and also limits you to chrome only (what if you want to transfer a link to your friends phone for example easily). I often find myself 'hipchatting' myself or emailing myself to get around this nuisance, so will certainly be trying leash out next time!
@a7mads out of interest what happens if a user uses the same keyword? Does the most recent user get to own the keyword?
@_jacksmith like @jasondainter said, chrome works great, it just you have to have chrome installed and you must be logged in. I can't have chrome installed on my work PC, so I used to email myself links all the time.