Video courses for UX/UI Designers

Learn UX is a startup aimed at both aspiring and professional UI/UX Designers with video courses on the newest and hottest technologies and tools. My aim is to change learning landscape and offer training that is quick and to the point as well as inspiring and engaging. LearnUX is going live at 2PM PST!

  • Kamil Tatol
    Kamil TatolProduct Designer

    Great expert


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    I had a pleasure to be Greg's student and I don't know any other person with such a comprehensive knowledge in UX/UI field. Anyone can learn a lot of new things from Greg!

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    SERGI BOSCHUX Designer

    the free videos on youtube on Framer are great


    it's tough to scan/srub through videos on youtube (where they're free demos are)

    the lack of fast forward or speed adjustments on youtube makes it challenging to use them as reference

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My name is Greg Rog and I'm launching LearnUX.io - an educational startup for UX and UI Designers. “How to become UX Designer" returns 4.000.000 results on Google. Most of them promising a lot with just a little input from the user. I want to challenge learning landscape and offer training that is straight to the point as well as involves practical, beautiful examples, and goes beyond the basics. I'm here to show you: 👉 How to use tools such as Sketch, Framer, Adobe XD and more 👉 Why prototypes are important and how to create them 👉 Step -by-step, practical process of designing UI 👉 How to actually use it all to boost your UI/UX career 👉 And WAY more. Please, share your feedback and support! I’d be happy to answer any of your questions about this project. 🙏 PS. We have a special launch discount for PH users for JUST TWO DAYS – check it out on learnux.io! 🔥 Read my story HERE 👉 https://medium.com/@learnux.io/w...
This is awesome and the content is extremely valuable. My issue with the website is that there is no immediate call to action on the first tier of the page. Upon arriving, knowing little to nothing about the actual product, I am left rather lost. I wasn't sure where to click or where to go, despite the engaging and interactive web experience (which is awesome) I have no idea where to access all the awesome content. Recommendation: Add a large and extremely clear CTA on the home page that links to the content, i.e "Get Started" "Start Learning" or something along those lines that links to the content library. The videos people (which I realized after link to the rest of the content) should play on the home page and then link to additional content once done. There's no reason for me to have to leave the page and go to another to play the video once I've clicked play. The expectation is that it will start playing like the one above. Also, once you start playing the videos there is no way to stop them which is super super annoying.
@ashley_nader1 That is an extremely helpful feedback - thank you for telling me about these issues! I'll for sure make some adjustments.
@ashley_nader1 Once more - thank you for this constructive feedback. Changes already made: 1. Added CTA, might change it for a button if text doesn't work well, I'll track the results. 2. Video plays immediately on loaded page when clicking play, and is paused when clicking outside play, I skipped the modal for now for better mobile experience 3. promo video on the home page can be paused with a click. Thank you!
Really nice! Seems like a lot of work. Great pics 🙂 Will I be able to create a real project during your courses? I mean something to add to my portfolio?
@kamila_figura Thank you so much for your feedback, Kamila - I'm glad you liked LearnUX! Absolutely - in every course we work on some practical examples, creating an interesting project to use all the knowledge "in action".
great library, I think the yearly subscription model works well too 👍🏽
@graeme_fulton Hi, Graeme! I'm glad that you like it! I'm planning on enlarging library soon :)
@learnuxio Greg, congratulation on a launch! 🙂 LearnUX seems like a great resource for everyone who wants to keep eye on promising tools and learn useful approaches in UI/UX field.
@geek_1001 Thank you a lot, Ahmed! That's exactly what I was aiming for.