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Zaheer MohiuddinHunter@ziggym0 · Eng @ AWS. Ex-LinkedIn.
Hi All, I made this site mostly out of selfish reasons to point friends to that would like to start learning iOS development. If you have any more resources you think others will find helpful, drop me a line and I'll get it added ASAP!
Zaheer MohiuddinHunter@ziggym0 · Eng @ AWS. Ex-LinkedIn.
P.S. This is different from just LearnSwift.com and others that are classes (many of which are just sign up pages right now). There's actually a lot of content and resources on my site already! :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Great resource. People are super excited about Swift, as noted by the 126 upvotes (so far). How are you curating the collection now, @zm99?
Zaheer MohiuddinHunter@ziggym0 · Eng @ AWS. Ex-LinkedIn.
@rrhoover Thanks! Manually curating it right now - would like to maintain a certain level of quality control and ensure resources that are put up are actually useful. As a young coder myself I can't tell you how many tutorials I've had to follow to learn one language and end up actually more confused. As of now, quantity is the the name of the game because so few resources exist, but very soon you'll start to see the amount and type of resources added dwindle!
Phil Toronto@philtoronto · SVP, Special Projects
Excellent! Thank you, @zm99!