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Milda Skladaitytė
Online marketing @LearningSpaces
Hey Hunters, LearningSpaces is excited to announce our re-launch! LearningSpaces is a simple to use online knowledge sharing platform which allows you to focus all your learning activities in one place. After initially having set our focus on advancing teams, we decided to launch a LearningSpaces version for Teams and the enterprise market. We shifted our attention to make LearningSpaces more organised and user friendly. Therefore here's a quick overview on what changed; new layout design, Groups - for better focus within your enterprise departments, better and faster search option and improved overall UX. Cannot wait to hear your thoughts and feedback. Happy learning! Milda and the LearningSpaces team
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Met the team at Web Summit. Top notch.
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Minh LCFounder
Cool. We recently make our docs on tasytt, it took about 10 days of intensive work. But as you featured on PH, and see its seem very cool. We will have a try. Thank you very much.
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