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Hey hunters and the rest of the peeps! I don't post on product hunt often, but when I do, it's the bomb! I'm proud to say that we improved so much and produced something completely new: Q&A's on LearningSpaces! Because Spaces are about sharing what you know, but learning often starts with what you don't know. That's where questions and answers come in. I hope that this feature will enrich your learning process, make it even quicker and actually communicative. So yeah, kaboom, happy learning! Oh and P.S. If you love quick reads check our new blog on Questions and Answers
We are pleased to announce that we have updated our landing page! Now you can take a tour, get to know the team and go through the FAQ. Tell us what you think and visit www.learningspaces.io
@bentossell With LearningSpaces we’ve created the easiest way to share knowledge within teams. We think that everyone is an expert at something and every team has this go-to guy on different subjects. With LearningSpaces you can materialise the knowledge and create this online go-to persona! All of your knowledge can be written down in chapters where others can add extra info or comment on it. There are assignments and quizzes to test your knowledge of different subjects and with this it can be used not just for teams but for most educational purposes as well.
Really like this product 😉. Can you explain the decision in pricing to limit the number of users you can have in your course instead of limiting the storage or number of lessons?
@samwightt We don't like to limit people on features, if you're using the product you should be able to use the full product. We chose to give the free plan to smaller teams, which makes it easier for small companies/teams/clubs to start using the product.
Is there any demo board one can see without signing up?
@evivz we don't have an open demo board. We do have an environment to share food, and an environment for developers. But you still have to sign up to see it.
@jurretweet @evivz sass url is not working. I am logged in still it asks for id pass and if I enter it says they are wrong lol! foodies is working. Let me check it out.
@fatboypunk @evivz Seems like a great product but it could really help having a demo before signing up.
@onuk767 @evivz thx, it's definitely something we're going to add