Learning To Launch

Stop failing. Start launching.

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Hey all, so glad to finally ship this book (thanks to Ben for hunting! πŸ™Œ). Just over 12 months ago @mikeaag and I realised we had a problem. Despite working on side projects for months on end again and again, we continually failed to launch anything at all, meaning all our hard work went to waste. To fix this Mike suggested we try and launch six projects in six months. I thought he was mad, we couldn't launch one project in unlimited time, so I wasn't sure how we'd manage to do six in six. But something about the challenge resonated with us both, so we went for it. Now 12 months on we've launched 7 projects in the past year and are now launching our eighth, this book on what we learnt. The book is specifically aimed at people who want to get better at shipping side projects, not those who have already mastered this and want to learn how to do the marketing, growth etc. It's our belief that just shipping something is hard enough, so we wanted to write a book just about that. ****The book is being released online for free, with no email wall. Anyone can read it.**** We'd love your feedback, if you have thoughts/questions at all please share them here, and we've also setup a Typeform to help gauge how useful the book is and how we can improve it. https://contrast.typeform.com/to... As always we tracked our time with the book, so you can see how long it took at the end :)
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@fredrivett @mikeaag it's come a long way from the first draft I read...congrats on the finished product, reading the new closing chapters now And kudos for putting it out there without even requiring an email address
@alangarrec Thanks bud! Your early feedback was really useful in helping shape the book, I was amazed at how quickly you powered through it! Sure there's still lots of ways it can be improved so I expect you'll have some more thoughts on this :)
@fredrivett haha, someone once told me it all comes down to learning to launch - not perfection πŸ˜‰ It's out there now and looks really neat!
@alangarrec Haha I see what you did there πŸ˜‰
@fredrivett @mikeaag Thanks for this awesome book :) . I'm really struggling with the same kind of problems in launching our product.
So awesome to see this book launched!! Congrats guys.
@bentossell Thanks dude! Appreciate it πŸ™Œ
Great book. So many founders face similar issues and don't get anywhere. This book breaks it down into easy steps to follow. You learn how to reduce scope and still create a valuable product for your customer! Plus they prove that it works by having launched 6 products in almost 6 months - no one is perfect.
@dupersuper_me Thanks so much Tom! We've tried to make the book we would have wanted to have read. I'm sure there'll be areas we can improve like anything, so I'm looking forward to the feedback.
Congrats guys!
@dannyfiorentini Cheers dude! πŸ™Œ
Really Awesome, and thx for making it free without any hassle ;-) Excellent Job Guys !
@otymix Totally welcome Oty, hope you find it useful! :)