Learning Lab

Learn anything in one month alongside your day job

Learning Lab is dedicated to the people who want to challenge themselves to learn something new every month. It provides some tools and a methodology to get your learning done in one month, also you can find there a curated list of topics with their learning resources and experiences to learn anything within 1 month (or 2).

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Hello hunters, I initially started Learning Lab as a challenge with myself. The first idea, inspired by @levelsio was to learn 12 topics in 12 months and build small projects to apply this learning. And this alongside with my day job. One year later I really loved it and everyone around me liked it and wanted to start also this challenge in their own way. That is why I decided to build this learning lab website that contains all the resources to learn topics in one month (or two). All the topics shared in Learning Lab have been experienced at least once and fits into 1 or 2 months. I hope you like it, feel free to send your feedback.
Hey @sandochee and @farbod ! first of all congratulations for the hunt! I had been reading in the past your posts in medium and I really like your learning methodology. I want to learn photography and I will apply your process during this month Do you think I could add the topic once I finished? I would also like to contribute 😄
@farbod @patricia_mayo Thanks, I am glad you like it. Of course yes you can add your topic once it's finished.
Sandoche! Nice product man, I've been following your learnings since Medium and I have to say you've come a long way, and to also enable the rest of us to follow your methods is just amazing. Collaborative thinking all the way! Congrats!
@carlos_bernabeu Thanks a lot, I hope you will also do it!
Wow wow wow! Congrats to the team who developed this! I will indeed use it as I enjoy so much learning new things constantly! Thanks so much
@irenemarquetg Thanks a lot, feel free to contribute and add topics!
Wow, I like the idea of learning something new on a continuous basis. I'll think of some topics I'm interested in for you to add in the future. Keep up the good work!
@angeliquesocial Thanks a lot 😉