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Web is already full of knowledge. The problem is, not everything fits your experience. Learney helps you filter out everything that is either too basic, too advanced, or just not relevant to your needs.

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It would be great if I could browse the site first before handing over my email. I have no idea what I am getting into.
@i_shank I will definitely consider making it easier to browse for unauthorized users. Keep in mind that learney does NOT keep your email or any other details in the database. Thanks!
@i_shank The homepage has changed recently. I hope you can be more confident before creating an account now. Thanks for the feedback.
Hi! Your site made me curious so I signed up to take a look. Unfortunately there was no match yet for my selections. I realise that I can add stuff myself, but I think some more content should already be there when you sign up. Also, I think this could be a great application for machine learning. You could make a system that automatically feeds the user the information that is most likely to be of use to him. Although this would be quite a bit harder to implement. I admire your initiative and intuition, this is a great idea!
@andrei_istoc Thanks for your comment! Let me reply starting from the second point you've mentioned. 2) Yes, this project has a huge potential in terms of applying machine learning patterns and algorithms. In long-term perspective, I'd like to make it much smarter than it's right now. At the same time I feel like some of us are slowly getting tired of all those apps smarter than themselves, so I'm starting from the basic possible option - categories and seniority levels based on your decisions. Soon I'll write a blog post about the roadmap where I want to explain what's next for this project. 1) As a front-end developer, my areas of interests are pretty narrow comparing to our industry as a whole. I'm aware that Learney lacks content (yet) but it's an ongoing effort to engage more users to lead different paths where I'm not experienced in. I look forward to inviting "domain experts" who could suggest valuable knowledge in areas like back-end development, product management, etc. Please feel invited. Thanks for warm comment :)