Get your Hacker News fix inside Facebook Messenger

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Hourann Bosci
Hourann BosciMaker@dabosq · Co-founder, Upright Media
Hi PH! We made Learnerd as a fun little side project because we wanted to play around with natural-language processing, because Hacker News has pretty easy APIs, and because the world needs yet another Facebook Messenger bot 😎 Start chatting to Learnerd and we show you (or search for) recent HN articles. Pick one, and we summarize it to a couple of sentences and deliver them conveniently in Messenger! Because using a normal web browser and scrolling through articles is sooooo 2003 💾
Aaron Ng
Aaron Ng@aaronykng · red mage
Cool project. Other people might find this annoying but it'd be cool if this sent a few summaries automatically (intermittently) without needing to choose. I'd probably leave it muted but having top HN articles summarized at the top of my inbox every few hours seems compelling (I'm in messenger all day long anyways).
Brodie McCulloch
Brodie McCullochMaker@brodiemcculloch · Managing Director
Hi @aaronykng, great feedback. This is something we have been thinking about and it is just a matter of more training data to have Learnerd pick what will be most interesting to you. As soon as we reach unicorn status we will have all the data we need 🦄