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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 08, 2018

🔥Learning web development on freeCodeCamp, alone? 🔥

Get matched up with a small group of dedicated peers with similar technical backgrounds, goals, time commitment, and more. Stay accountable, get help, and learn together. 💪

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Hey there hunters! 👋 I'm super excited to be sharing with you what I call Learner Squads! 😎 I think online education today is too dull and lonely, which makes it super hard for learners (including me) to stay motivated and committed. It's my goal to make online learning more exciting! 🤩 Learner Squads are about making online learning collaborative and team-based. 🤝 Through BlueDash, I'm offering people learning web development on freeCodeCamp, a way to get matched up with other learners of a similar background, progress, and time commitment, so that they can keep each other accountable, help, and motivate! 💪
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A couple of years ago I was learning to code with FCC I would have loved this
@frcbls That's really great to hear! What's your top reason for "loving" something like this? :)
@merott because it would have enabled me to connect with fellow programmers! Now that i have a group of programmer friends on twitter i feel like i have a lot of support for everything i do