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We're building humanity's universal learning map. Today, we learn from blogs, podcasts, interactive explorables, videos, tweetstorms, livestreams, newsletters, Q&A sites and much more. LearnAwesome will help you discover the right resource at the right time.
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Hello hunters, Over past few months, some of us had been collecting links to learning resources (courses, interactive explorables, books, podcasts, apps, forums, livestreams etc) in a GitHub repository of markdown files. Since we also wanted to have features like advanced search ("Show me podcasts on machine learning which are entertaining and less than 40 minutes long"), we felt the need for an app. You can think of LearnAwesome.org as a GoodReads-equivalent tool generalized to links to ALL media (not just books). Some features you might like: - Advanced search on topics, formats, length, and quality tags (interactive/visual/challenging/entertaining etc) - A browser extension to show reviews on your current tab or quickly add it to LearnAwesome - Automatic data extraction for links from GoodReads etc. - Embeddable widgets so that you can show off your learning activity (such as books read) on your personal websites - Random item (which can also be restricted to your favorite topics) - A point system for contributors Coming soon: - Topic-specific chat rooms to find fellow learners - See recommendations only from people you follow (i.e. unidirectional graph) - Connections across items to discover whether an author of a book or a teacher of a course has also presented the same ideas in a video, or an article - saving you time. Do expect a few rough edges here and there, but feedback is very welcome.
Great product! Would love to see more content across more topics. Any plans to scale this aside from crowd-sourcing?
@lachlankirkwood Thanks. We'll build more features that enable discovery. Embeddable widgets are the first thing to be shipped out on that line. Another theme could be "Learn with friends" where you can bring in your friends.
@eshnil Sounds great, looking forward to it!
Looks pretty promising! Best of luck with the crowd sourcing.
Very interesting take on learning!