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Search thousands of free and paid K-12 resources to find the right one for you, your kids, and your budget. Search for online classes, apps, YouTube videos, books, educational games, or whatever meets your learning needs. As the largest independent directory of resources, our listings are guaranteed to be objective.

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Dwayne WalkerCofounder & CEO, Sparketh
Great product! I work in the homeschool industry and parents would eat this up. I'm interested to see how this grows and impacts families.
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Joel Downs
Online knowledge sharing is cool
@creativitypizza Thanks for checking us out, Dwayne! I looked at Sparketh, and we'd be happy to link to your lessons if they have publicly viewable urls - you can either submit them yourself, or if you have a list you can send them to me at support@learnamic.com. I didn't see a course listing on your site.