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Learning tools and 1-1 sessions with Swift experts!

Improve your Swift skills, empower your developer team and engage With The Best Swifters in the industry so you can: - Learn how to write an Argo from scratch and the functional ideas behind it like monad, parser combinator etc. - Understand how Functional Reactive Programming works in iOS specifically applying the reactive part to Swift - Master Generics- why they matter in Swift and how to use the extensions effectively. Shape the server side while working around limitations to generics - Grasp Rapid Product Development and how to integrate open source iOS libraries in your projects for a faster and improved development - Get feedback from top swift experts with bookable 1-to-1 video sessions - Interact with the blockchain dev community and blockchain Rockstars in a full day of tech talks and Q&A forums - Study the talks on replay to sharpen your skills for up to 2 months