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Make a platformer iPhone game from scratch in Swift 4.

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Design and code a platformer iPhone game from scratch using Apple's SpriteKit framework. Learn about 2D animation, coding scores, camera and setting deadly traps. In the game, Elon has to multiple planets and survive deadly meteors, icicles and traps to find his Roadster.


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Meng ToMakerPro@mengto · Designer
Hello Product Hunters, Exactly 4 years ago, I started this humble journey of writing a book about design and code. Never in a million years did I think it would shape my career. I feel very blessed to be able to continue writing for you and I thank you for supporting this project. To celebrate our 4th anniversary, the book is available at a big discount for a limited time! Today, we’re announcing a big chapter about SpriteKit. We’ve spent a lot of time designing this game so that it can be fun to teach, specifically for designers. I think you’ll enjoy learning 2D animations and coding a simple platformer iPhone game in Swift 4. Ask me anything! –Meng
Graeme Fulton@graeme_fulton · Making Prototypr.io and emailOtter 🐭
@mengto congrats Meng! do I have to make this game to play it 🐵 it looks really fun!
Meng ToMakerPro@mengto · Designer
@graeme_fulton Haha, we'll need to do a lot of polishing before we can launch the game, but yes, it's in the plan to launch it to the App Store. :D -- thanks Graeme! :)
Graeme Fulton@graeme_fulton · Making Prototypr.io and emailOtter 🐭
@mengto amazing! and teaching along the way, very good
Thomas WangPro@thomaswang · Co-founder, Yish
@mengto http://designcode.io is written in React, any chance you could put out a tutorial on how to make an app page like it?
Meng ToMakerPro@mengto · Designer
@thomaswang Absolutely, we're slowly getting better at React and picking up new techniques like styled-components and CSS grid. The course is definitely on the way within a month or two!
Thomas WangPro@thomaswang · Co-founder, Yish
@mengto Awesome! Will it be available as a new chapter to the book?
Philipp BernerHiring@philippberner · co-founder/CTO KeepSafe
Looks absolutely great while just taking a short look.
Meng ToMakerPro@mengto · Designer
@philippberner Thanks Phillipp, your comments are always super appreciated. :D
Thalion@thalion_pb · UXMisfit.com Author, UX/UI Designer
Marvelous design! I hope to see it in the App Store! ;) Thanks @mengto for the next useful learning materials! Great work!
Meng ToMakerPro@mengto · Designer
@thalion_pb Oh, we'll definitely release this on the App Store. We just want to work on the learning materials while we polish the game more. Thank you!
Oye OlalekanPro@oye_olalekan
Wawuuuu .