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This book helped me quite a bit when I completed a course on natural language processing last term. It required knowing Python in advance, but I got through it (with a high mark no less) thanks to Learn Python The Hard Way. It's worth noting that you can read the book for free on the web at this link: http://learnpythonthehardway.org... (It was kinda hard to find with the scrolling on that landing page.)
Do you want to learn something why not try programming "Learn to Code PYTHON for Multiplayer Adventure Games (Ages 12+) – Programming and Video Game Design for Kids – Writing Software & Computer Coding - Better than Minecraft Mods - ( PC, Mac & Linux )" https://amzn.to/2CPTt74
The reviews aren't great on this book. With so many good Python resources available, reviews matter. The documentation from Python.org is probably still the best place to start.
A very good virtual book/tutorials for any beginner to learn Python quickly and for experienced ones to go through advanced Python coding concepts is https://www.techbeamers.com/pyth...