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Alejandro Cremades
Alejandro CremadesMaker@acremades · Author and CoFounder of Onevest
Hi product hunters! My name is Alejandro Cremades and I am one of the founders at Onevest. Learn.Onevest is a free peer-to-peer learning platform, that caters to the education of entrepreneurs and investors. It's like Reddit or a HackerNews focused on those two communities. Startup founders and early stage investors can use the platform to discover curated videos and articles to become more successful in the startup industry. Below you will be able to find how it works. https://learn.onevest.com/how-it... We have also announced that General Assembly, Draper University, Early Investing and The Founder Institute are launch partners committed to creating fresh and valuable content to support the entrepreneur and investor communities. The platform has been in a soft launch period and there are over 1,000 articles and videos currently available. Would love to answer any comments or questions with regards to Learn.Onevest.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
seems like a bit of a weird mish-mash of a product; re-syndicating content from other places, e.g. techcrunch and a mix of video and text. I don't really like the layout, seems very mvp stage. Could be a useful resource in the future.