Learn Lettering

Make a living as a hand lettering artist.

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My good friend Sean created this amazing course to learn hand lettering. I've always been impressed with his work, now he's teaching it to anyone who's willing to put in the time to learn. This time around he even made the first package totally free. So whether you need hand lettering for your startup t-shirt, or you just want to learn to create unique art, checkout Sean's new course.
This is hands down the best course for learning lettering. Love the teaching style, video quality and especially the value! I can't recommend it enough!
Thanks for sharing, Nathan! I'm trying out a pretty crazy approach in terms of marketing this class. Last year, I sold a 3-module tier for $99 and this time, I'm giving away the fully-reproduced version of it and then some for free! My video hosting bill is going to be absolutely crazy, but then my hopes are that so will the launch results. If you're interested in hearing more about this kind of thing, I share everything being all of my launches (including real revenue numbers), tactics, behind-the-scenes approaches and a lot more on my twice-a-week podcast: http://seanwes.com/podcast I just recorded an episode today that will go out tomorrow sharing some of the numbers (not all yet—waiting for the conclusion of the launch) including how I was able to get 2,700+ signups in 24 hours, what it took to produce the course, how I wrote over 100,000 words in the past 6 weeks, what my 30-day hand lettering blog post series has done for building the list, how we're getting people to share it, and a ton more. Happy to answer any questions anyone has about launching, marketing, video production, etc.! Things are a bit crazy today as I'm also gearing up to do a live webinar tonight to help close sales on the launch bonus and also get a couple podcasts edited and scheduled for this week. Meanwhile, I'm hearing from my merchant because of the crazy influx of sales—oops! Good problems to have. =)
This is like a dream! I've always wanted to learn step-by-step how to do some wicked hand lettering. Just signed up.