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With this Chrome Extension, you can save the words you look for in Google translate, and learn them in a playful way. We wanted to make the knowledge on the internet a little more accessible for everyone. :)

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Pier πŸ‰
I love singing and solving problems :)
Hi there, thanks for stopping by! If you're learning a language and use Google Translate a lot, this extension might help expand your vocabulary easily. Thank you! :) 5 creative ways to use the Wordeys Chrome extension: - Listen πŸ‘‚ to songs (and podcasts) and translate words from the lyrics. - Read πŸ‘“ articles, books and newspapers πŸ—ž in your target language to find new words in context. - Watch πŸ‘€ informative videos and documentaries and translate the words you want to know. - Speak πŸ—£ with locals as you travel the world 🌏 and use Google Translate on your phone to save words from your conversations so you can learn them at home. - Use Wordeys as your notebook πŸ“š to keep, learn and share definitions from your studies or work. Study definitions with flashcard and share your notebooks with colleagues. πŸ˜‰ Alright, that's it! Good luck!
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