This will a series of articles and online courses for learning Golang in an easiest way possible.

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2017 Yearly Recap After working days, nights, weeks, weekends, and months fulltime educating people about Go for 3 months, this happened: * I wrote 100,000 words in total (After edits: 20,000 words in total) * 2.500+ unique people followed me * 1.300+ people followed my blog * 500+ people subscribed to my e-mail list * 800+ people followed me on Medium * 500+ people followed me on Twitter * 100+ subscribers in 10 days to the newly created Learn Go Programming public Slack channel * I created dozens of visuals, animations and code exercises * I post hundreds of educational tweets * Some of my posts become Reddit and Hackernews top-posts and shared by many other publications * Many great people have reached and offered great opportunities for me (even joining to Google!) * Dozens of people have said to me that they learned Go through my work Read the rest of the article here, it contains links to all articles that I've written in 2017. https://blog.learngoprogramming....