Learn Eleventy From Scratch

Build a stunning website from scratch with this 11ty course

Learn how to build a stunning website from scratch, using Eleventy, bleeding-edge front-end technologies and web development best practices—all powered by a resilient asset pipeline.
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It has got accessibility and other user experience best practices front and center, and is in itself fully accessible.
@marcoinenglish Accessibility is super important to me, so thanks for alerting everyone to that, Marco!
@hankchizljaw Yes, this *is* a super important point. Too many courses on the web do not take accessibility into account right from the start, so every mention of the fact that there is a course that does, is important to mention. Thank you for this course, I am already very excited to dive in.
@marcoinenglish Awesome. Let me know what you think, once you've finished!
In this Eleventy course, we go from a completely empty directory to a full-blown marketing site for a design agency, and along the way, we dive really deep into Eleventy and front-end development best practices. Over the course of 31 written lessons, split over 4 modules, you will learn core Eleventy platform knowledge—step-by-step—to build out a real-world project. The linear project structure helps your learning because you’re working with a real context, rather than foo bar or fizzbuzz. This also means you’ll actually achieve something at the end that you can build on, too! It’s not just a course about Eleventy, either. We’re learning how to build a fast, lightweight website that’s progressively enhanced with the user at the forefront. You’re going to learn some solid HTML, CSS and accessibility best practices just by completing this course. Finally—if that wasn’t enough to convince your already—you’ll learn about design implementation, details and refinement to achieve a solid, professional end-product. You don’t need to be an experienced developer to take this course. All you need is basic HTML and CSS skills, with some optional JavaScript skills. Everything is explained, in detail, in a friendly, conversational manner, and if you get stuck in any of the lessons, you can download the project files, so you’ll have no blockers and you’ll maintain your momentum. Because it’s a written course, it’s available offline by default too. Now is the time to get into the Jamstack, with static site generators. By taking this course, you’re going to get a solid head-start in that. So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of Learn Eleventy From Scratch today and let’s get started with building something awesome.