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Learn Anything is an Open Source Website built by community to Learn Anything with Interactive Maps

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We hope you will like the website. Our goal is to provide the most efficient paths for learning any topic on Earth, curated and moderated by a community of people. There is a video introduction you can watch that goes over all the main features of the website : https://youtu.be/_zYjS2Uicso Everything is open source too, both the website and all the maps. 🎊
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This is neat, very neat! πŸ€“ I can definitely see this as a more visual based alternative to informative resources like Wikipedia. My feedback would be to incorporate bit-sized information per level of information you're interacting with. This could provide context to items you might not know the pretext of. It could also add that additional fun factor to it if its an AI chat bot who communicates with you while you're delving deeper into the mindmaps. I think this is a wonderful idea, especially for neat freak people like me who prefer to consume information in a visual and organized manner. Never give me more than I need or ask for. 🀀 Please keep working on it as it has great potential. It wouldnt hurt to make the UI a bit more modernist although I can appreciats the contemporary style as well. Great job guys and good luck with the launch! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆ
This is an amazing concept. I hope more content will be added to it as time progresses.
This is super useful , thanks @nglgzz @nikitavoloboev
I'm very excited about your product and have questions. How do you categorise continuous information? Also category / category context can change instantly in todays world. How will you follow & react to this changes?
@_alper Currently all maps are open source and you can contribute by pressing the button with the πŸ¦„ on the bottom right and editing the JSON but we hope to make this process super easy in the future by having a live editor inside the search. So all links and maps should hopefully be sustained and helped by a community of people using the search and wanting it to become better.