Leap Second 2015

Real-time stream of how we are using our extra second today.

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That is some beautiful execution right there!
Just came in here to say that Cesar is the man!
@ajt for a split second I thought you were saying "Cesar is the Werewolf!" haha. Because I'm not. I'm never the werewolf. Ever.
This is one of my favorite apps, as it's a social app with real purpose (helping you appreciate at least one moment in your life each day). By a solo self funded founder, Cesar has been able to grind and make amazing partnerships like these happen. Congrats Cesar!
@frankdenbow From one bootstrapped dude to another, thanks bro... Truly means a lot.
In case you haven't heard, today June 30th we're getting a leap second. An extra second added to all the world clocks. The team behind 1 Second Everyday app built a REAL-TIME online gallery to show the world what we do with our extra second! Anyone can submit through the "Crowds" area on the completely redesigned 1 Second Everyday for Android.
Hey guys! I'm the Founder/Principal of 1 Second Everyday. So excited to see this come together! Happy to answer any question you might have. HAPPY LEAP SECOND!!! Make it count! :)