Leap Motion Orion

Next-generation hand tracking for Oculus VR

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Niv Dror
VC at Shrug Capital
The description from the website of Leap Motion Orion is fascinating: "Truly immersive VR starts with your hands. Built from the ground up for virtual reality, Orion is a massive step forward for our technology's capabilities - lower latency, longer range, better and faster hand recognition, vastly improved robustness to cluttered backgrounds and ambient light, and more. Download the Orion beta now for your Leap Motion Controller and reach into tomorrow's reality."
Baptiste GrèvePassionated by #VR and #Ethereum
@nivo0o0 The progress Leap Motion made between their previous tracking software and Orion is incredible!
Braden Hamm
I got chills watching that video just thinking about the possibilities. I can easily see how no one will leave their homes.
Manuel Bruschi
Make your time count.
The recognition and speed are looking very promising. Very important for a natural feeling...
Had the opportunity to try this out when I visited Leap Motion a few weeks ago. It was really cool, think Lego + VR + Antigravity + Hand Input without wearing tracking gear. Some issues I had with it was that I had to roll up my sleeves and increasing the resolution would reduce the degrees of freedom according to one person I talked to at Leap Motion. All these issues seems fixable. Overall, it was a great first VR experience for me.
Jurica Saponja @jurica87CEO @pricespot.de
I added this to the largest VR collection on PH :) https://www.producthunt.com/@jur...
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