Leap Kit

A beautiful folio that helps you design a meaningful project

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I'm proud to call Victor Saad a friend. It takes real courage to put something new and different out into the world. It takes a lot of guts to challenge the way things are done. If you're not sure what to do next or have been thinking about furthering your education, I would definitely recommend backing Victor's "Leap Kit" project on Kickstarter. You are in inspiration Victor!
@iwearyourshirt Thanks so much Jason. It's been really fun to follow in your footsteps in making an idea come to life.
I LOVE this! It shows that it has been tested enough to become a course. Did I see IDEO's team in that video? ;) #backing
@vcolinau Thanks Vanessa! Yeah...we made the product alongside folks at the d.school. Here's a look at an earlier video:
@vcolinau Also, this just went live today. Here's more of the backstory: http://whiteboard.stanford.edu/b...
@victorsaad Awesome! Looking forward to making 2016 a leap year!
This project reminded me of another one that I came across a few days ago: "100 Days w/o fear". I've hunted it here: https://www.producthunt.com/tech... We need more people creating projects like this!
Super cool! Just so you know, these are also the folks behind the very incredible Experience Institute. From the website: A 12-MONTH PROGRAM WHERE YOU DESIGN YOUR EDUCATION THROUGH APPRENTICESHIPS, PROJECTS, COACHING, AND CLASSES. (http://expinstitute.com/)
@kevinpuj Yeah! Thanks for rooting for us, Kevin. Excited to see what leap(s) you take!
The Leap Kit will finally create a shift in education! Thanks for bringing this alive.