A personal space to record and develop your startup ideas

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I normally use a Moleskine notepad to jot down product/startup ideas, but this looks like a pretty neat way to record it on a digital space. I started entering a couple of ideas down yesterday and found myself being more structured and organized in my note-taking. Now I have to find out whether using this becomes a habit!
Could expand this by including some prompt questions / stickies to get people to think more holistically about their idea from the outset. Stuff straight out of the lean canvas like acquisition channels, customer segments, costs, ideal revenue streams. For me, often when inspiration strikes I think way too long just about the problem and solution before thinking about the less glamorous questions, which end up invalidating the entire idea.
@ptaylorsimpson Thanks for the feedback! We did originally set it up so that a new idea would automatically generate problem and solution stickies. However, not all ideas necessarily stem from problem/solution thinking so we are going to keep it generic for just now. I was thinking that we could enable template ideas that could be saved with default stickies that a particular user may like to have when planning out a new idea.
@garethafuller, do you also angle this as a way for product teams at companies to pitch, test, and grab feedback on ideas internally? Or is it more suited for just startup ideas right now?
@colemercer thanks for asking. We've talked to a few people who have mentioned this type of use case. Like a suggestion box for internal product ideas. Is this kind of what you're thinking about? It's definitely something we're thinking about for future development. Maybe anonymous idea creation and idea voting within team spaces. Do you have any suggestions?
For some reason all the icons in the site are just squares
Hi, my name is Gareth Fuller, I'm one of the founders of Leanlab. Just to give you a quick summary about why Leanlab exists. Myself and my co-founder had tried to start a few things online, the last time we did we spent a long time on an idea that basically was never going to work. So we were keen to try and find an idea the next time round that had a better chance of working. We then went in to an ideation phase, generating as many ideas as possible, testing the water with one or two hoping we'd find one that showed enough promise to take further. It turned out that this very act of recording, discussing, and testing early stage ideas was a problem we had worth solving. We tried using Basecamp, Trello, and spreadsheets, but nothing worked nicely for us. We wanted somewhere we could define ideas, define tests / hypotheses, and collect feedback - so that we could see in one space, instead of across services, glimpses of insight. And that's why we ended up building Leanlab. It still needs a lot of work and adjustment so any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.