Lean Service Creation is the only open source design process and toolkit on this planet. Take it, use it, break it, make it yours and make it better.

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Bold call on "Lean Service Creation is the only open source design process and toolkit on this planet." @demiliag Considering there's also a wide range of other open source processes and toolkits, like this one I made with some friends: https://enspiral.com/collaborati... Or this whole community which is dedicated to Open Design: http://opensourcedesign.net/ also known as Design Open now: http://opendesign.foundation/ And there's also other part-open projects such as: - Frog's Collective Action Toolkit: https://www.frogdesign.com/work/... - Lifehack's Resource library which has a Design Challenge Toolkit (that I wrote): https://lifehackhq.co/lifehack-r... - 100% Open Innovation Toolkit: https://www.100open.com/toolkit/ - DIY Toolkit: http://diytoolkit.org/ I appreciate that this is a great resource, and heartily encourage more people to work in the open (hence having run workshops at Open Source Open Society - http://www.opensourceopensociety...).
@demiliag here's an example of an open source project to curate methods, which you can actually contribute back to: http://opendesignkit.org/
@samrye_enspiral Thanks a lot Sam!!!
More frameworks = Dope

Well done for releasing something in creative commons.

One of the challenges of projects like this is that PDF's are generally where information goes to die, not to be forked, improved and merged back into the branch. So I'm interested how I could contribute to this as an open source project, if it actually is one?


Free Resources, relatively well designed.


This isn't "The only open source design process and toolkit on this planet".

Do you know what other good ones are out there?
OMG, This is so cool! Bookmarked and will be used on my projects
Thank you for your hard work - I will put it to good use 😁