Clean up your Live Photos

Thanks @PieterPaul for posting. We made Lean with 1 goal in mind: letting users have Live Photos on permanently to capture every moment possible. For 16GB iPhone users, you have very little free space and they might have Live Photo off for that very reason (1 Live Photo takes up twice the space a normal one). With Lean, there is no excuse for turning that off now :). Shoot first, decide later. P/S: I considered naming it "Dead Photo" but that wouldn't sit well with Apple, so Lean it is! We have a little stat on our website @ http://lean.tinywhale.net to count the amount of storage Lean helped save. Right now it's almost 1 x iPhone 16GB!
@xuki Also to answer a common question I've got on Twitter: you can mark a photo as "non-Live" in Photos app, but that doesn't remove anything. Any edit within Photos app is totally reversible. Lean removes the "Live" part by making a copy (with correct metadata) and delete the original one.
Have been using this for a few days now, really handy as it enables me to leave Live on while easily saving me space of all them non-Live pics. Not falling for Apple's "let us sneakily sell you more iCloud storage" strategy ;-) Actually now that I think of it: the majority of my pics are non-Live relevant...