Point of sale and inventory management for dispensaries

LeafOps is a modern point of sale and inventory management software system built exclusively for the cannabis industry.

We built LeafOps because dispensaries needed a more reliable way to run their operations while also ensuring they stay in compliance with their local regulations.

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Cory Shaw
co-founder & CTO of LeafOps
Greetings hunters! The world of legal cannabis is a wild one. With the ever-changing regulations that vary state-by-state, and with new states/countries legalizing cannabis every year, the need for robust software to manage it all is essential, and it's why we built LeafOps. To operate a dispensary, you have to stay in compliance, manage a large and ever changing inventory, report most everything you do to the state traceability system (via API usually), and manage a team of bud tenders. The brave folks who run these dispensaries need reliable software that removes the barriers of the legal cannabis industry so they can focus on running a retail business at its core. LeafOps was built as a web-based software solution to do just that. It works on any device, and can scale to meet the demand of the most successful 4/20 sales day. We would love to answer any questions you may have about LeafOps, or about the retail cannabis industry!
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Eric UpholdReal estate agent

This is the most beneficial tool in the marketplace and modern day


It was so easy to make the switch over! With such amazing customer service and care, LeafOps has truly changed the industry for the better!


None to date

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Danny GeeI live in AZ

These guys are awesome, I can’t believe they are willing to give me so much one on one time.


Awesome usability/functionality. Great customer service.


didn’t have a specific report I wanted but they built it for me.

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