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An interesting spin on free music streaming service... UK Based.
@blendahtom Thanks Tom, appreciate the up hunt, our goal is to deliver a future where fans can continue to access great music for free and artists can better promote and monetise their activities to a global fan base of consumers. this is clearly just the beginning and what started as a small experiment is taking form on its own.
Pause button doesn't work & songs don't keep playing if app is backgrounded or phone is locked - pretty essential for a music app. Testing on iPhone 6, seems like there are still some really visible bugs to work through.
@bryantpeng I saw that happening on iOS9 and we are looking into it, what OS are u on? on iOS8.3 and below it's working just fine. If you sign in to our beta you will be able to get a proper version by next week once we look into it - http://g.leaf.fm/leaf-beta-signup
we are also managing a private beta with releases every week, if anyone wants to join feel free to sign at, there is a new major release coming next week :) - http://g.leaf.fm/leaf-beta-signup
Ah you're right, totally forgot about that. Looking forward to the update!
we just made a small video and put it at the top that showcases the app in use, for those that don't have iOS this is a good way to see see where we are with the app right now :)