Leadworx identifies companies even if they are anonymously browsing through your site. After a company is identified and qualified, our platform will automatically find your decision makers and engage them on multiple channels - ensuring 10x conversion as opposed to a birdbox style blind outreach :)

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Hi Hunters 👋🏻 I am one of the makers of Leadworx. Our entire team is super excited to be on Product Hunt today. Thanks @kevin for hunting us 🙏🏻 Our goal behind Leadworx is to help B2Bs identify prospects who are most likely to buy. Sales teams around the world spend hours every day trying to judge the buyer intent - be it by looking at a recent funding announcement, social post by the prospect or if they are hiring. But even after doing all that, positive reply rates are very low. 😥 We solve this challenge by identifying companies who are already interested in your product and have been anonymously 🕵️‍♂️ browsing through your very own site (but haven’t contacted you yet). 🔥Typical conversion rate of a website is just 2%. It makes a lot of sense to target the remaining 98%, rather than going after completely cold accounts. After all, they convert 5-10x better. ⌛ Now there are other products who do website visitor identification, and there are some good ones out there. But our beef with them is that they don’t go all the way! After a company is identified, they require users to manually qualify a company, get decision makers email and upload to a campaign. If done right, that will take hours every day. Here’s how we are different - 1. No manual work at all. We identify companies, qualify against your ICP, find decision makers and add them to your drip campaign. 100% automated! 🚀 2. Simply integrate your CRM and all your existing opportunities/deals are tagged & bucketed. Never worry about re-reaching current customers and prospects 😏 3. Most expansive native integrations with CRMs and Email Automation platforms. Backed up by Zapier, if your stack is not supported 🔗 4. Real-time API is available, which can be hooked up with Google Analytics and your data warehouse to create a full visitor profile 😇 5. The most intuitive dashboard & a beautiful UI. The one to fall in love with ❤️ 6. Get Slack Alerts any time your named account visits your site Benefits are - 1. Save hours every day, which were previously spent on cold prospecting and email guessing 🤷‍♂️ 2. Increase the conversion rate of your campaigns and add more $$ to your pipeline 💸 3. Get the information where you need it. No need to use multiple software or modifying your process 👨🏽‍💻 4. Differentiate between traffic quality of multiple channels (FB vs LinkedIn vs Adwords), double down on what works and cut what doesn’t ✂️ Apart from all this, we are constantly working on new & exciting enhancements. Very much looking forward to your feedback, thoughts, and comments on what we have built. We’ll be around PH & Intercom the entire day to answer any questions you might have. ✌️ Join us on our journey to build the world’s best lead generation platform P.S. As a SPECIAL PRODUCT HUNT OFFER, we’ll give 20% discount to any Product Hunter who signs up today (code: leadhunt)
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@kevin @sahil_aggarwal Awesome work guys! Keep rocking it 🤘 Looking forward to more cool features.
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@jeroen_corthout thanks Jeroen! we are working hard to bring a lot many things more 😊
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@ilya_azovtsev - Thanks Ilya. Your support means a lot to us.
@kevin @sahil_aggarwal Not to mention, Sahil will do everything he can to make sure YOU and YOUR COMPANY are successful using Leadworx.

I'm using Leadworx for more than a year now and have enjoyed their technological progress in the meantime. They are committed to make Leadworx the most powerful and automated website leads platform in the world. I often recommend it to Salesflare users, as our integration is the strongest in the market to date.


Leadworx sends updates to Salesflare and Slack so I can easily pick up leads. The identification is also very reliable.


Nothing much. Even better data on who's already a customer would be great. The more focused the updates the better.

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Thank you for being a user from Day 1 @jeroen_corthout. It has been an absolute pleasure to interact with you and build a kickass integration with Salesflare.

It’s very easy to set up, offers a ton of functionality and has a great UI/UX. But what stood out was their amazing customer success team. They worked very closely with our team to make sure the product integrated deeply into our existing processes and that it had a bottom line impact. Other similar tools that we tried gave only the company name, which is great to know but is not really actionable. But since they helped us create automated workflows to drive the data where it can be used right away, we started seeing results from 1st week. If somehow it's not working for you, email them. The data that they generate has a vast potential and they'll help you realize it.


Great product coupled with an amazing customer success team which is fanatical about providing value.


In the product, the ability to assign team members to a specific lead would be great.

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Thank you for your review @anant_garg! Your guidance was important in making this successful 💪
We @freshworksinc have been using Leadworx for our Lead Generation needs, this has really provided us value in getting more ROI from our web traffic. I would recommend it to all the B2B marketing teams to use this.
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@freshworksinc @arnav_mahajan Thanks for the continuing support!
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Have been using Leadworx for a while now. The solution has evolved to become quite powerful with the automation coming in. It has become an integral part of our Account Based Marketing initiatives. The team has been proactive and supportive in helping achieve our business objectives! Highly recommended, especially if you are a SaaS/Enterprise solutions provider.
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Thanks you for placing your trust in us @ash3003!