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Wow! That is what I really need. I should give it a go.
@eugenelata excited to hear your feedback :)
Another great product which enables (warm) email marketing and sales. Fuel your growth with reply. I have been really happy with Reply for a long time now... :D
@milann Thank you, Milan, for the hunt. We are making our contribution to crowdsourced and open world by releasing this free tool. PS: So, later on you can buy Reply :D
@milann Hi Milan, thank you for submitting this perk. We've created LeadsFinder, a crowdsourced database to make searching for valid business emails easy like never before. LeadsFinder is a 100% free online tool, the search doesn't require registration or installation. All you need to do is to type the company's domain, click the search button, and get the list of emails. PH community, how do you like the idea?
@milann @olivia_milton_ I bang this drum a lot on here, but as always, outside of the US, many countries the UK and EU, don't allow cold emailing, even to publicly available business addresses. LeadsFinder should really be informing people of their obligation to follow local laws.
@samsexton thanks for advice, Sam, we'll think about how to add this info to LeadsFinder
Long time user of Reply, look forward to testing this out. Do you have any plans to implement a feature to infer email addresses for a domain based on patterns?
@jesserank I guess it would be up to our Product Manager if the audience likes the tool and requests this feature - we'll see :)
@jesserank Jesse, thanks for the idea!
@jesserank A lot of how Toofr works is based on patterns and you can get the pattern data from it! Check out https://www.producthunt.com/post....
great job, will give it a try and share with my sales team!
@julia_holovko Julia, sure! Hope you and your sales team like it!
I am sure that PR-people will absolutely love it! :)
@victorbasyul Thanks Victor!
@victorbasyul we're going to make B2B world a better place :)