LeadREV by SnapApp

Make any PDF interactive and add a lead form anywhere, free

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Hiten Shah
Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
This app by SnapApp is pretty cool. It gets you more leads by helping you turn PDFs into lead gen machines! It's also really really really easy to use. Try it out, it's free. Here's an example using a PDF of mine: https://app.snapapp.com/leadrev-...
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Congrats on the launch SnapApp team!
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Mike LangTeacher
@dcancel this is a boon for a lot of teachers! I'm showing this off to a few now! Thanks and great work!
Aaron Dun
SVP Marketing, SnapApp
Hey Product Hunters! Aaron, SnapApp’s head of marketing here, with a little more context on LeadREV and why we built it. As a marketer, I’ve created countless PDFs in my day. We use them for everything in marketing land: case studies, white papers, ebooks, infographics, finals presentations, training… the list goes on. Any time we want to deliver our message concretely, we deliver it as a PDF. But the content marketing landscape is changing. Prospects want to engage, they want to interact in a more dynamic and visual way. They do not want static PDFs. Marketers have to catch up. With LeadREV, we wanted to give everyone a platform to create simple interactive PDFs as a step toward better engagement and reducing our over-reliance on PDFs as the default tool in our demand gen arsenal. With LeadREV you: Transform your static PDFs into an animated, interactive experience in just 3 clicks – essentially creating an interactive landing page Now have the ability to place a lead form anywhere, and get new leads sent to your email Get readership analytics sent weekly Have the option to surface text in the PDF, making it indexable for SEO lift We hope you love it! Give it a try, throw us some feedback – looking forward to seeing the great content you create! -Aaron PS - more info here on the SnapApp blog: http://www.snapapp.com/introduci...
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