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Ironically, their home page does not put their own product to work, but features a 15 minute YouTube video.
Came across this product after following the company's well-executed Facebook campaign. Leadquizzes makes it fairly easy to build/launch/embed quizzes that qualify prospects and build your email list. I've talked to a few info-product marketers who've used quizzes to get email signups from Facebook for as little as $0.26 cents per lead. It needs a lot more integrations with email marketing software (or an integration with Zapier), but this looks super promising.
@dankaplan Have you seen any sample quizzes you can link to? Strange that they don't display any actual quizzes on their site. =\
@vlbeta they have a pretty good example of their own quiz on the site. Scroll down the page and take the quiz in the hellobar.
@dankaplan Yeah I totally missed this the first time. Developing "hellobar blindness"
@dankaplan Zapier integration is added :)
So is this an embeddable quiz or does it live on a LeadQuizzes landing page?
@anandp29 I think there's a Wordpress plugin if you want your Quiz to live on your site.