Qualify leads 10x faster! Tinder style!

Sales qualification made super easy!

We take a screenshot of every item on your list and enrich your data so that you can quickly decide if a particular item is a Lead or Junk.

Perfect for sales people that want to make their sales process 10x faster.

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One of my company's lead generation approaches is to go through long lists of B2B domains and see if they offer a demo on their website (which makes them a prospect for us). Leads makes this do much faster and easier.


Fast, slick, cheap



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Hey people of ProductHunt! We are launching LeadQ - a tool that helps you process lists of potential leads faster. Basically what we do is that the user uploads a CSV with a list of domains and we then take screenshots of each and every domain and show it to the user. The user then marks each item as 'Lead' or 'Junk', Tinder style! This saves a lot of time, because the normal way to do this is just having an Excel file with lists of potential leads and then you'd have to copy and paste the URI into a browser and wait for it to load before taking a decision for each item. This takes way too much time so we built a tool that lets you do it 10x faster. We wanted to solve this problem, because we encountered it ourselves with our main product (we had a list of 60K companies and had to sort the junk out of the list). Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on LeadQ.
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I've been waiting for a tool like this to come out. And love the design. Props.


I need this! This would save me so much time.



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Great job!! 😊 Looks good !!
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Great idea. I can't wait to use it more.


Amazing. Such a simple idea, yet it's bound to save many people SO MUCH time.


None that I can think of.

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