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A simplified and intuitive FB ad creator inside Leadpages.

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Leadpages' integrated Facebook Ads opens up some great big advertising opportunities for businesses at any stage. Whether you’re a green solopreneur or a seasoned marketer, this simplified ad builder makes it possible for anybody to target customers and advertise to them in a way only the most sophisticated advertisers have been able to—until now

Bob Jenkins
Staci Paul
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  • Bob Jenkins
    Bob JenkinsMarketing Educator, Leadpages

    Ease and speed of use for first time or inexperienced advertisers. Clean connection to FB Ad manager for advanced users.


    Can run FB + Instagram ads, but not Instagram only ads so far.

    I was able to set up a new ad to my Leadpage in about 90 seconds to drive signups for my email list. It was simple to pick through the options without being overwhelmed with all the choices and steps. I didn't have to worry about finding and placing my pixel - that's already handled for me. Although this won't replace FB Ads Manager for the more experienced/advanced marketer, this opens up FB Ads to a lot more people who've been intimidated from running ads before. And more experienced marketers will love quick deployment of ad campaigns as test runs before they scale winning campaigns.

    PS/Disclosure - I do work at Leadpages, but I also am a customer and user of this product separately from my role here.

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Brandon Lytle
Brandon LytleHunter@lytlebs · Strategic Alliances @ Zapier
Heads up, Hunters! Getting more high-quality traffic right to your landing pages is easier than ever—seriously, check this out. Leadpages’s new Integrated Facebook Ads feature puts a simplified and intelligent ad builder right inside the app. This makes the tools once reserved for sophisticated advertisers (with deep pockets) available to pretty much anybody. (Well, any Leadpages customer, as this is the only place you will find this feature.) Once a Leadpage is published, users can now choose to make a Facebook ad for that page. Just like magic, an ad will be created that is populated with the same image and copy as the landing page. We also automatically pick a targeted audience and place your Facebook Pixel for you. This makes it possible to create a seamless campaign directed at your dream audience in as few as 4 clicks right inside the app. (We still get goosebumps when we say that.) Thanks for checking this out!
Dre Durr💡
Dre Durr💡@dredurr · Growth is the only thing that matters
Will it have multivariate testing? Being able to test headline copy and image can save buckets of coins for users. Of course even with a feature like that nothing is 💯 as actually running the ad.