Capture and qualify your leads with smart automation

LeadLizard is the easiest way to capture and qualify leads on your website, with a smart widget that asks questions to your customers and visitors and feeds their data directly to you through a set of different integrations, from email to Slack to Google Spreadsheets.

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Cool tool and the founders are two of my favorites! Question: will the user be made aware of tracking?
@arieljalali Hey Ariel, appreciated! There's no tracking for now, we just have a small payload stored locally that prevents the widget from reloading if you've already answered the questions. I agree something in the lines of a GDPR-oriented opt-in would be a great addition, definitely on the roadmap!
Hey PH, Emanuele from PI Venture Lab here. Today we're launching 🦎 LeadLizard, a widget that allows any website to collect data from visitors and customers. Check it out at https://leadlizard.io Features: - Build your own data collection flow, with 7 different types of data inputs, from simple text, to multiple selection quick answers, to NPS score. - Directly feed this data to different data sources. We currently support email and Slack, but Trello, Google Sheets and Mailchimp are coming in the next weeks. - Compared to other automated data collection tools like Operator from Intercom and LeadBot from Drift, we're damn cheap (29$ vs. 150$ and 500$ for 1000 leads per month, respectively). Upcoming Features: - More flow block types (file collection, URL redirects, image and video cards) - More integrations (Trello, GSheets, Mailchimp) - Smart jumps in the flows to allow you to create full fledged web bots - Possibility to add different flows on different pages 🙏 We'd love to get some feedback and I'm happy to answer all of your questions! A couple of words on PI Venture Lab: We're a product studio focusing on building new products in 2 weeks sprints. This allows us to be super focused and strip down what we release to the 80/20 that is really needed to the end user. We keep on building these products until we get traction, then hire people to manage them and spinoff new companies. Check us out at https://piventurelab.com And thanks @_tosh for hunting us!
@_tosh @immanuelkapa Looks good. Would definitely try this out. Couple of thoughts if you have started with B2B : A) Target SAAS companies who have recently raised funding. They would be looking for solutions which can help them in more conversion of visitors coming to the website. B Target SAAS companies who are hiring for product manager and corporate sales manager. Since it is investing in these functions, they will be interested to use a product like yours. P.S. Congratulations for the launch :)
@_tosh @shreyaa_ratra thank you very much for this advice, this is definitely on point. Would you recommend any place in particular to target these companies?
Hi Emanuele, David! Congrats on the launch, smart idea to position against Drift on the lower priced end! I'll definitely give it a try this weekend... one thing I'd feedback immediately: the widget itself could need more styling (for me it looks a bit oldschool).
@_subnet Thanks for the comment, I agree with you, we set ourselves a goal of developing the whole product in 2 weeks (and succeded 🎉), so it still has some rough edges, but we will update the UI to 21st century with the next update!
@immanuelkapa Wow, 2 weeks definitely is impressive! I think for a widget it's 2x important to get design right... otherwise people won't put it on their sites...
Can you tell us a bit about the tech stack? It was quite impressive to watch you build this in just a few days.
@__tosh thanks for asking! The stack is very simple: Vue.js + Bootstrap for everything frontend, Firebase and Google Cloud Functions for everything backend/DB related. I'd say the combo Vue+Firebase+Bootstrap is perfect for fast prototyping and spinning up new web-oriented projects at lightspeed.
In the world of bots and automation, this is a fantastic idea! The price point alone is enough for people to convert.
@sethlouey thanks for the comment! We think there is a niche of companies that can't afford or don't need live chat solutions, and don't want to pay expensive premiums for automation. We're in 2018, everybody should have some sort of automated inbound on their website!