Leading with Foresight

Course to help you navigate the future, from OCAD University

Learn the tools and skills the world's best leaders use to guide teams through uncertainty. A 2 hour online course with a bundle of free tools and templates to get you started, from one of the world's leading graduate programs in strategic foresight and innovation.
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If you run a company or team today, you know how difficult it is leading into future that is wildly unknown. It doesn't have to be this hard. Our team at OCAD U CO created this 'just enough learning' course to better equip leaders as they juggle all of the hard parts about leading today: an uncertain team, a range of scenarios that could unfold, and the need for creative strategies that can adapt. All taught by one of the world's leading professors in strategic foresight, Suzanne Stein. And we've included dozens of tools and templates to get you started.