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@AndyGCook Sure, happy to take a look - byosko (at) gmail.com. What are you thinking about for pricing model? Always a bit leery of folks targeting the "very small business" market--can be hard to reach, they don't have a lot of money, they might not even have a lot of site traffic (so analyzing it is questionable in terms of value). I do like the idea of targeting specific CMSs, because "small business" alone isn't really a market. Small businesses using WordPress is targetable. Maybe even can talk to the WP Engine guys about working with them down the road.
this is cool, would love to hear @hnshah chime in
@byosko - Agreed - selling to small businesses is typically very challenging and few companies have managed to pull it off at scale. I do like the approach MailChimp uses by offering a freemium product that eventually hits a threshold limit based on usage. That is a business model we are exploring more for LeadIn, but admittedly, haven't given it enough thought yet to set anything in stone. We actually plan to penetrate the market initially by targeting to the WordPress developers and consultants, then giving ways for them to resell LeadIn to their clients. We have a few growth experiments around reaching consultants + developers + marketers in a semi-scalable way. Partnerships are also a growth channel we plan to experiment with in the near future and thanks for the idea to contact WPEngine. We do plan to document all of our growth experiments on our blog, www.leadin.com/blog, as we try each one. ---- @liveink - Thanks for checking it out!
Hi ProductHunters - I'm Andy, the cofounder of LeadIn. My cofounder and I started out on LeadIn about three months ago with no exact product idea, and we're now at 50 beta users. I also cofounded a product-rental marketplace called Rentabilities that I worked on for about 3.5 years. We managed to raise a seed round, scaled to 150K unique visitors per month, and even processed real transactions, but in the end we couldn't generate enough booking volume to justify a series-A so we closed up shop. I'm pretty obsessed with startups, and have a modicum of experience under my belt now, so please AMA!
Hey, This looks awesome - How does it work? a JS file for tracking and API integrations (e.g. mailchimp?). Also looks like your blog post isn't showing anything (FYI)