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Ben CarewHunter@webbuzzau · Growth marketer
We are finding this product very useful as a more marketing-orientated form builder in the vein of Typeform. They can be placed inside landing pages created using apps such as Unbounce and maintain their mobile responsiveness in the process. Webhooks allow the porting of data to your other apps.
Marcus TaylorMaker@marcusataylor · CEO, VentureHarbour
@webbuzzau Thanks so much for hunting us Ben! Pleased to hear that you're finding Leadformly useful :)
Ben CarewHunter@webbuzzau · Growth marketer
@marcusataylor You're most welcome. :)
Hey, looks awesome! Can I use it with Drip/Mailchimp/etc.?
Ben CarewHunter@webbuzzau · Growth marketer
@ruslannaz Yeah you can, via Zapier and webhooks
Josh Sanabria@jpsanabria · Designer and CEO at GoArchitect
Looks pretty interesting. Pricey though when you look at the number of leads you can have in the system. $50 for only 250 leads seems overpriced.
Marcus TaylorMaker@marcusataylor · CEO, VentureHarbour
@jpsanabria Hey Josh, thanks for the feedback! We're still learning on the pricing side of things and are planning to make some adjustments over the next few months :) Here's something worth considering... When you increase the conversion rate of the form on your site, you increase the performance of ALL marketing activity that is driving people to your form. In other words, if you double/triple your form's conversion rate (very realistic with Leadformly) you're getting 200-300% more leads from every $ you spend driving people to your form. Imagine you're currently spending $5,000 to capture $7,500 worth of leads. With Leadformly, you could be spending $5,050 to capture $15,000 - $22,500 worth of leads. This is why we're a bit pricier than other options - we're making a bigger promise, which is that with our forms, you're going to capture more leads :-) PS - our pricing is also based on monthly leads (not the total number you can store in the system), so for $50/mo you can capture 250 leads per month.
Cody McLain@codymclain · SupportNinja, CEO
@marcusataylor @jpsanabria I'd have to +1 that it's too expensive. I get your point Marcus but I can create the same thing with a developer and it wouldn't cost me more than $100 to implement. Also, putting Zapier in the middle tier is pretty much saying that your pricing has nothing to do with # of leads but that you just want everybody to be locked in and paying you $300 upfront. Most companies will configure it and never touch it again as long as the leads come in. So IMHO it's overly expensive for what is effectively a less-than version of Typeform.
Marcus TaylorMaker@marcusataylor · CEO, VentureHarbour
@codymclain Great feedback, Cody. It's hard to get candid, ball-busting feedback these days, so I appreciate it ;) Pricing is something we're working on and I'll be the first to admit that we're not perfect in any regard. We're actually planning to roll out Zapier (and virtually all features) to all plans over the next few months with the only difference between plans being the # of leads. I do however disagree that you could build "the same thing" for $100. If this were true, I'd argue that even $10/month would be expensive. Before building Leadformly, my team built numerous Leadformly-style forms manually for our various ventures here at Venture Harbour (which led to us creating Leadformly to scratch our own itch). The average cost (factoring in the cost of developer time, UX design & research time) for building a form like this was anywhere from $2,000 - $10,000 depending on the complexity of the form's logic, integrations and webhooks. I'm sure it could be done for less, but the point is that when you take into account the team, the testing, and all of the work that goes into briefing, designing, and building a complex lead capture form, it can be a surprisingly large amount of work. In addition, we spend a lot of time doing the research and running A/B tests so that you don't have to. We've identified 50+ conclusions on different things that increase form conversions - from sizing the form fields on mobile devices to the average American adult's finger pad size, to testing different progress bar styles. These small marginal gains collectively add up to a sizeable increase in conversions, that if you were to discover on your own would take years of testing (and many lost conversions in the mean time). On reflection - we need to make all of this stuff MUCH clearer on our website! :)
Hammad Akbar@hammad_akbar
Hey Marcus quick feedback: -I liked the idea so wanted to play around with it. However asking for Card details put me off. Found it too early in the cycle. At the very least I would have like to see some templates. -Pricing is very high. Free starter package with perhaps 50 leads/month might be more feasible. Anyone getting decent traffic will generate more than that and will be compelled to buy. By then they would have had a chance to test and use the product. Thanks H
Marcus TaylorMaker@marcusataylor · CEO, VentureHarbour
@hammad_akbar Great feedback, thanks Hammad!