Leaderbox by Michael Hyatt

Professional growth, delivered to your door every month

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Leaderbox by Michael Hyatt is a monthly reading experience curated by leaders, delivered to your door every month to help you cultivate your leadership abilities 👨‍🎓

Dave Yankowiak
John Meese
Chad Cannon
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  • Chad Cannon
    Chad CannonFounder & CEO, Chadwick Cannon Agency

    A phenomenal experience for leaders that are looking to grow in their professional development.


    I have tried other solutions like MentorBox, but it's not nearly as robust as LeaderBox.

    The activation guides and community that come as part of the product are intangible to my leadership.

    Chad Cannon has used this product for one week.
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Kyle Richey
Kyle Richey@imakestrides · CEO, ConquerApathy.com
Very interesting model...shipping customers two curated books with summaries, insights and a reading plan for $85/month. Seems like it could do really well given who it’s targeting (Leaders), though in most industries it would probably do better at $49/month ($30 for the books and $20 for the extra materials). It’s like an old school,physical-book version of Blinkist. 😄
Paul P
Paul P@pavlos1944
Is this similar to mentorbox ?