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Why are you calling it AI? Why are you saying machine intelligence? Isn't this just outputting P(find match| (keywords scraped from profile of similar prospect)). I founded a similar venture but it has no AI. (http://growamp.com) and we launched last week, but we focus on mobile apps. Is designed to go after any customer segment? I'm curious, are you able to find people off of LinkedIn for much cheaper? Can I export all my stripe customers in an email list for you? Good job on the landing page. Looks clean and definitely looks like a topper. :)
@datarade LeadCrunch is an ensemble of machine learning algorithms, including extensive natural language processing. Our company has previously delivered artificial intelligence technologies to healthcare, military and business customers. LeadCrunch is based on technology that we delivered to Lockheed Martin for use in the US military. But now it finds customers rather than military targets. No, we do not currently use LinkedIn data. It is a violation of LinkedIn terms of service to pull data for use in 3rd party applications. You could use LinkedIn as an individual... but it would never be as accurate as what LeadCrunch finds from data mining and cross validating millions of websites. Yes, LeadCrunch uses Bayesian probabilities (as you suggest) but goes much further in data mining prospects before giving them to you to call. LeadCrunch will work in almost all verticals -- especially financial services, technology and marketing. It is ideal for "conquest selling" where the buyer does not know s/he could find a better alternative. Yes, you can send us your entire email list. I encourage you to contact us directly to see if we can run a list for you that outperforms what you are currently getting.
@olinhyde @datarade anything that surfaces buying signals? Leads and contacts are a small part of the battle... Knowing when to contact someone is more important.
@usersready @datarade Yes timing is critical to convert leads. However it is equally important to know who to contact and why they are interested. Our system generates a model that is specific to each user. So it surfaces signals that are unique to each model. Even within an industry we see big differences between competitors. We believe there is no one magic solution. Marketing requires a mix of approaches. Sales is most effective when it is process driven and focused on customer success. We strive to empower salespeople with actionable intelligence on who to call. The system will detect time sensitivity - more urgent opportunities are listed first. However, the most important part of the process is up to the salesperson: building trusting relationships and closing the deal. These are uniquely human skills that can never be replaced with a machine.
@olinhyde @datarade I guess i would just want a place where i stick a keyword(s) or competitor name in a search bar and it returns me every mention across different sites. As you said- no magic. So this would enable me to narrow my lead search while having a signal to go off of. Just a thought...
@usersready @datarade Keywords are the wrong way to look at the problem of customer discovery. Keywords presume you know exactly how to filter through the 30+ million registered business entities to find a customer. Our approach is to use AI models that find the relevant features of your customers to find the best match. AI is better than humans because machines can evaluate far more data to find patterns. Here is a white paper that explains why our approach is better: https://leadcrunch.docsend.com/v... Here is a quantitative case study: https://leadcrunch.docsend.com/v...
Looks cool, thanks for sharing!
Early customers are getting > 300% lift in lead qualification rates. Private beta users get 100 free trial and can get additional 100 leads for each referral. Happiest customer (so far) has given us 7 referrals!
@olinhyde I don't know a B2B marketer who wouldn't be interested in a 300% lift in MQL. Can you tell us a little more about your algorithm? And how many existing customers do you need as a "sample" to generate good data?
@kkdub LeadCrunch works best if you provide a list of your best 50 customers. These need to be customers (not prospects) because the algorithm needs to find patterns and signals that indicate a business has been a customer so it can look across the Internet to find leads that are most similar. The system builds a model that is specific to your business. This means that LeadCrunch is constantly tuning itself to find what is best for your specific business. It will always try to push the boundaries by providing you leads that will test the assumptions it makes about your business. Feedback is critical. It gets smarter the more you use it.
Feel free to contact me or schedule a call if you want to know more: https://calendly.com/olinhyde/15min
Sounds very interesting, and hopefully the AI is more than just another LinkedIn web crawler. Signed up and looking forward to testing it out!
@ianthekid We are NOT crawling LinkedIn. That's a fool's game for 3rd parties because LinkedIN can shut down crawling at any time.