4x more conversions w/ our outsourced live chat sales ninjas

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G'day guys, I'm one of the makers of LeadChat. We're a proud Aussie startup (edit: bootstrapped) that believe people want to buy from people, not static websites. Before I majored in Behavioural Neuroscience, I used to run a direct sales business teaching college undergrads how to sell. A lifelong friend of mine (co-founder at LeadChat) had another business and was spending $$$ on ads to his website, and his conversions sucked. So, we deployed live chat, applied neuro-selling techniques into the chat scripts and used smart data to personalise the experience. Within 24 hours, the conversion rate had quadrupled and we decided we needed to take this to websites across the globe. We're out of private beta, so if you wanna get LeadChat on your site, you can setup a quick 10 min demo with me anytime. http://www.leadchat.com/producth... NB: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate! I'm gonna try and stay up all night to answer them (Aussie timezone) despite having 3 kids under 4 who for once are sleeping!
@garytramer good stuff! Where are some of your favorite sources for learning about neuro-selling techniques?
@gerbz Google Scholar and New Scientist have some good resources.
I'm here too if anyone has questions ;)
4X conversion gets my attention -- and (sorry) my skepticism, too. Can you share more about how a LeadChat chat has been optimized?
@kkdub I love a good sceptic! Let's start with the holistic view. We take into account the data (entry, exit, time on site, bounce, chat minimisation rate) and couple that with our QA process (so, every single chat is read after the fact to uncover insights, trends, sentiment, behaviour) and then wash that with linguistics/language team. We use our tech to guide the optimization process and deliver our team suggestions to make changes to the chat flow. For each client, we're split testing the introduction, opening line, the way we craft the FAQ responses, and over time we see what gets visitors further down the chat experience to the point they are pleased, trusting and confident enough to give us their details to pass on to the client's sales team. If my rambling doesn't make much sense, happy to schedule a quick call. I will chew your ear off, I love this stuff :) My email is gary@leadchat.com - reach out anytime!
Hey look - someone else picked this up :) http://www.startupsmart.com.au/p...
What kinds of questions do your 'ninjas' handle? How does the training work? Thanks for the sweet discount too!
@stoneadam G'day mate, and great question. Our ninjas answer general company information as well as your top FAQs. They certainly need to be able to answer enough to gain the trust and confidence of a visitor to your site, but not go overboard with information. The best person to seal a deal is always going to be you and your sales team. Does that make sense?
@garytramer thx so I'm guessing that your agents will pass their info to our sales guys/gals when the questions get too complex? Is the goal to simply warm up the lead and get their details? Thanks again
@stoneadam actually your video sorta clarifies that you warm up the leads rather than provide fully fledged support (we wouldn't really need support reps in our case anyway). Feel free to correct if I'm wrong
@stoneadam Yep, we warm up leads and get their details. We send you the lead via email, but also you can access for our dashboard and we also have an API (and a Zapier integration).